Top 100+ of All Time (Since 1995)
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Top 100+ All Time List (Since 1995)
Last Update July 8th 2003
** = indicates song still has chance to rising

124.Missy Eillott-Rain-1997
123.Will Smith-Men In Black-1997
**122.Lil' Kim & 50 cent-Magic Stick-2003
121.Third Eye Blind-Jumper-1998
120.Toni Braxton-He Wasn't Man Enough-2000
119.Eve f/Gwen Stefani-Let Me Blow Your Mind-2001
118.Janet Jackson-Together Again-1998
117.Nicki French-Total Eclipse of the Heart-1995
116.Tracy Champan-Give Me a Reason-1996
115.Aqua-Barbie Girl-1995
114.Jennifer Lopez-Love Don't Cost a Thing-1999
113.Sisqo-Thong Song-2000
112.Pink-Just Like A Pill-2002
111.Nelly-Ride With Me-2001
109.Eve f/Alicia Keys-Gangsta Lovin'-2002
108.Match Box 20-Push-1997
107.Missy Elloitt-Work It-2002
106.*Nsync-Tearin' Up My Heart-1998
105.TLC-No Scrubs-1999
104.Michelle Branch-All You Wanted-2002
103.Jewel-Who Will Save Your Soul-1996
102.Fat Joe f/Ashanti-What's Luv-2002
**101.Beyonce f/Jay-Z-Crazy In Love-2003(1x1)
100.Spice Girls-Wannabe-1997
99.Uncle Kracker-Follow Me-2001
98.Shaggy f/ Ric Rock-It Wasn't Me-2001
97.Janet Jackson-Doesn't Really Matter
96.Will Smith-Gettin' Jiggy With It-1998
95.OMC-How Bizarre-1997
94.Mandy Moore-Candy-1999
93.Alanis Morissette-You Outta Know-1995
92.No Doubt-Just A Girl-1995
91.Eminem-Without Me-2002
90.Pink-Most Girls-2000
89.Savage Garden-I Knew I Love You-1999
88.Lifehouse-Hangin' By A Moment-2001
87.Destiny's Child-Survivor-2001
86.All Saints-Never Ever-1998
85.Chad Kroeger f/Josey Scott-Hero-2002
83.Kylie Minogue-Can't Get You Out of My Head-2002
82.Coolio-Gangsta's Paradise-1995
81.Brandy & Monica-The Boy Is Mine-1998
80.Sugar Ray-Fly-1997
79.Jennifer Lopez f/LL cool J-All I Have-2003
78.Backstreet Boys-As Long As You Love Me-1998
77.Dream-He Loves You Not-2001
76.Toni Braxton-Un-break My Heart-1997
75.All 4 One-I Can Love You Like That-1995
74.Marieh Carey-Hero-1996
73.Jewel-Foolish Games-1997
72.Backstreet Boys-Show Me The Meaning-2000
71.Barenaked Ladies-One Week-1998
69.Red Hot Chilly Peppers-Californication-2000
68.Selena-I Could Fall In Love-1995
67.Ricky Martin-Livin' La Viva Loca-1999
66.Celine Dion-That's The Way It Is-1999
65.Boyz 2 Men-On Bended Knees-1995
64.Backstreet Boys-Quit Playing Games-1997
63.Janet Jackson-All For You-2001
62.Lou Bega-Mambo #5-1999
61.Destiny's Child-Independent Woman Part 1-2000
**60.Evanescence-Bring Me To Life-2003(1x3)
59.Avril Lavigne-Sk8er Boi-2002(1x2)
57.Staind-It's Been Awhile-2001(1x4)
56.Eminen-The Real Slim Shady-2000(1x2)
**55.50 cent f/Nate Dogg-21 Questions-2003(1x3)
54.Savage Garden-I Want You-1997(1x4)
53.Marieh Carey-Fantasy-1995(1x4)
52.The Fugees-Killing Me Softly-1996(1x4)
51.Goo Goo Dolls-Name-1996(1x4)
50.Jennifer Loez f/Ja Rule-I'm Real(Remix)2001(1x4)
49.Christina Aguilrea-What A Girl Wants-2000(1x4)
48.Madonna-Take A Bow-1995(1x4)
47.Wallflowers-One Headlife-1997(1x4)
46.Alanis Morissette-You Learn-1996(1x4)
45.Sean Paul-Get Busy-2003(1x4)
44.Limp Bizket-Rollin'-2000(1x4)
43.Kci & Jojo-All My Life-1998-(1x4)
42.Christina Aguilera-Genie in A Bottle-1999(1x4)
41.Ja Rule f/Ashanti-Always On Time-2002(1x4)
39.Montell Jordon-This Is How We Do It-1995(1x4)
38.Aerosmith-I Don't Want To Miss A Thing-1998(1x4)
37.Linkin Park-In The End-2002(1x4)
36.Shaina Twain-Still The One-1999(1x5)
35.Britney Spears-Oops...I Did It Again-2000(1x5)
34.Celine Dion-Because You Love Me-1996(1x5)
33.Limp Bizket-Nookie-1999(1x4)
32.Match Box 20-3am-1998(1x5)
31.Avril Lavigne-Complicated-2002(1x4)
30.Green Day-When I Come Around-1995(1x5)
29.Third Eye Blind-Semi-Charmed Life-1997(1x5)
28.Backstreet Boys-I Want It That Way-1999(1x5)
26.Jennifer Lopez f/Ja Rule-Ain't It Funny-2002(1x5)
25.Cristina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya & Pink-Lady Marmalde-2001(1x7)
24.Savage Garden-Truly, Madly, Deeply-1998(1x5)
23.Nelly-Hot In Herre-2002(1x5)
22.Marieh Carey-Always Be My Baby-1996(1x6)
21.Boy 2 Men-Water Runs-1995(1x6)
20.Seal-Kiss From A Rose-1995(1x6)
19.Christina Aguilera-Beautiful-2003(1x6)
18.Mya-Case Of The Ex-2000(1x5)
17.Goo Goo Dolls-Iris-1998(1x6)
16.Donna Lewis-I Love You Always Forever-1996(1x6)
15.Korn-Freak On A Leash-1999(1x6)
14.Alicia Keys-Fallin-2001(1x6)
13.No Doubt-Don't Speak-1997(1x7)
12.Eminem-Lose Yourself-2002(1x8)
10.50 cent -In Da Club-2003(1x8)
9.Nickelback-How You Remind Me-2001(1x8)
7.Britney Spears-Baby One More Time-1999(1x10)
6.*Nsync-Bye, Bye, Bye-2000(1x10)
5.Nelly f/Kelly Rowland-Dilemma-2002(1x10)
4.Celine Dion-My Heart We Go On-1998(1x12)
3.Alanis Morissette-Ironic-1996(1x13)
2.Jewel-You Were Meant For Me-1997(1x14)
1.Natalie Imbruglia-Torn-1998(1x15)